Shire Hall 0 – Slough II 30

Shire Hall 0 – Slough II 30

The day did not start well when traffic meant that most of the squad arrived at Slough around 14:40 for a 15:00 kick-off. After a quick warm-up and some line-out practice, Shire took to the field quietly confident. However it was not to be.

Slough broke the line and turned the chance into a converted try. Once again Shire had started badly. Things took a turn for the worse when after ten minutes Paul Chandler went off with an injured knee, and then ten minutes later captain Andy Carson took a smash to the top of the head, also putting him out of the game (also rendering him unable to watch the rest of the match).

It did not help that the Slough penalty kicker appeared be in fine form, several times adding to the Slough score. Shire’s woes were added to in the second half, as Adam Bishop managed to get himself a yellow card, for “just attempting to ruck the ball”.

Shire did make several hard-fought attempts to break the zero, including a disallowed try by Greg Darby.

This was a game that Shire will not want to dwell on.