Selection for October 22nd vs Faringdon (Home)

Opposition: Faringdon
Competition: League
Venue: Home
Kick-off: 2.30
Meet: 1.15  (Players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate  £5 to the tour fund)
Dress: Number 1s (Blue shirt and tie for the new lads..)
Carried item: An apple
There will be a new emphasis on collecting fines from this weekend, we have been very lax recently. Failing at dress or the carried item will cost you £1.

1. Eric Murray
2. Tom Birch (100th Game!)
3. Matt Margot
4. Andy Carson
5. Mike Jerstice
6. Lenny Pitt
7. Rich Clarke (C)
8. Dave Lloyd-Williams

9. Chris Walker
10. Dave Tridgell
11. Chris Merrick
12. Steph Margot
13. Luke Jellicoe
14. Rhys Stewart
15. Alex Webb

16. Neil Evans
17. Jack Proctor
18. Chris Harber
19. Pat Mcguigan
20. Luke Barefoot
21. Rhys Thomas