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Shire Hall Star on BT Sport Rugby Tonight

A fine representation of the club appeared on BT Sport's Rugby Tonight this evening. A few pictures taken (albeit from my TV!) If you look closely, you can see DLW's shiner! [embed]https://photos.smugmug.com/Social/BT-Sports-Rugby-2017/i-PrtNtNH/0/960/WhatsApp%20Video%202017-01-12%20at%2020.01.24-960.mp4[/embed] [embed]https://photos.smugmug.com/Social/BT-Sports-Rugby-2017/i-5m3SXwk/0/960/WhatsApp%20Video%202017-01-12%20at%2020.04.48-960.mp4[/embed] [embed]https://photos.smugmug.com/Social/BT-Sports-Rugby-2017/i-PbJqRL3/0/960/WhatsApp%20Video%202017-01-11%20at%2021.22.48-960.mp4[/embed] [embed]https://photos.smugmug.com/Social/BT-Sports-Rugby-2017/i-ZmGVXrW/0/960/WhatsApp%20Video%202017-01-11%20at%2020.27.24-960.mp4[/embed] ...

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Shire Hall RFC 36 Oxford RFC 22

Last time out Shire Hall had a narrow but encouraging loss away to league leaders Littlemore, so they were looking to get back to winning ways against a much improved Oxford side. Shire started off the game well, with some strong...

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