Selection For Saturday 5th September 2009

Opposition:Reading Vets Venue: Home Competition: Friendly Kick Off: 3.00pm Meet Time: 1.30pm MATCH DAY SQUAD Neil Evans Dave Pearce Plastic (C) Dave Stevens (TBC) Andy Dodson Rhys Williams Tim O'Sullivan Dave Poulter Will Spring Vinnie Sheehy Dave Nesbitt Tom Hatt Sean Mathe Paul Bassinder RESULT: Shire Hall...

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Lights Go Up!!!

Your reporter turned up at 3pm as our illustrious captain had stated in his email to find The Vinster, Neil and Plastic already working away. Three holes had been dug – by the look of it mainly by Vinnie as Plastic and Neil adopted a managerial role (hope they don’t do this at rucks and mauls – wait a minute, that is what they do!!) All the cabling was in place and still Vinnie kept digging. Will and Sean (aka Grace) arrived, also on the back of Plastic’s email and were soon delegated to do manual tasks as befits ‘new boys’! Fortunately the G&T arrived and made it all worth it!

High Noon – Shire Hall Version

The sun beat down on The Alamo, which look remarkably like a wood near Gerrards Cross, as the Magnificent Seven sat waiting for the Man With No Name, or Neil as we normally call him, to arrive. It might have had a more Wild West feel if we hadn’t been sitting around on plastic patio furniture.

Eventually though the High Plains Drifter Neil did arrived, at High Noon, and popped open the boot of his car to reveal his “tools”. For future reference if Neil invites you to a “gun show”, back away slowly, avoiding eye contact. Neil also supplied some more experienced gun hands, so he didn’t have to baby sit the novices (Rhys, Frisbee Dave, the Bishop Brothers, and Doc) on his own. Both Tall Dave and Mark brought their own guns so were clearly experts.

Plastic Reveals New Shire Hall Kit!

Tucked away in the miscellaneous section of the photo gallery is the first sight of the new Shire Hall kit, modelled by our new captain Plastic! It is a radical change but one which could catch on!!...

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New Pictures Added to Photo Galleries!

More pictures have been added to this season's Keith Walker Match, courtesy of our sponsor's wife! Extra pictures for the Maidenhead game and the VP lunch in April have also been added thanks to Martin Foley. ...

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