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Tom’s Brilliant Poem

“Welcome all Shirehall Peers
Gathered here to celebrate 50 years

To celebrate afternoons up to our knees in mud
To celebrate the involuntary donation of blood
To celebrate the years of battles fort
To celebrate the research in beers and port

From every VP story told
To every dummy bought and sold
For every try we nearly scored
To every excuse that was clearly flawed

Who’s heard about Sandy’s match winning conversion?
Christ here he comes, create a diversion
To Hargreaves’s camel that made the front page
To the worriers who turn out despite their age

To our very own match day McLarren and Motson
They go by the names of Paddy and Watson
Who’s heard of the Canada tour of 02
Ask Griffiths for stories, he’s got more than a few

To Pedro’s tackling, our Durban Express
To Hoppers lack of grace and fineness
To the girlfriend or wife who told you to get fit
The same one when injured said “your own fault you twit”

To the forwards we wish we could teach to pass
If only they had a scrumhalves class
To that break that put your man away
To the kit you left in the bag to decay

The times we wanted to give it all up
The games it felt you’d won the world cup
We remember those lost before time was due
David Sanders, Keith Walker, Scott John, Mark Wilkinson to name a few

So I ask you all to raise a glass above
And say a toast to this game and club we all love
To all associated with Shirehall
Lets drink to now and 50 more”

Training Has Officially Started!!

If you were unaware or cannot read Tom’s emails, training has officially started!! So far we have only seen a handful! The season is only 10 weeks away – we will need all that time to get rid of all that excess fat (front row excluded!) and tune those finely honed muscles ready for our 51st season!! So next Tuesday (July 1st) for everyone!

Annual General Meeting – Friday July 11th !

Shire Hall’s AGM is set for Friday July 11th at the club, 7.30 for 8pm start! Maybe you have won an award, maybe you will win money in the ‘bumper’ 100 Club draw (you gotta be in it to win it!) or maybe you just want to get out of the house for an evening with the lads!

The turn out last year was, for want of a better word, pathetic!! There were more retired players than current ones – please make every effort to be there!