Margot Nails The Kicking Cup!

On an abnormally chilly evening for late April, 20 or so hardy wannabees assembled for the Annual Shire Hall Kicking Cup. Previous winners of Steph Margot, Chris Walker and DLW (surely some mistake there!) pitched up hoping to relive former glories.

After the first round of simple 22 metre kicks, only 6 progressed through to the next round ( Steph, Matt, Donk, DLW, Rhys and Birchy complete in his suit!)  Dark horse Matt Margot had been the only one to land all his 3 kicks in some style. Mention must made that Chairman Neil did actually get one of his kicks – trouble was it was only in practice and so his record continues. Mention must also made of the Jerstice style of kick when he chases after the ball after he’s made contact!

Onto the 10 metre line and the pressure is telling on holder Steph. The direction of kick is turned towards Reading Hockey Club as the weather conditions deteriorate. He sees his brother smash it over but he can’t match it nor can 1st XV main kicker Rhys. Matt could easily become our Elliott Daly option in the future!

2017 Winner – Matt Margot