Wed 13 Apr 2022 11:53

Kicking Cup 2022

A smaller than usual turn out for the annual Kicking Cup saw the usual suspects show off their kicking skills. 1st team kicker and last year's winner, Rhys Stewart, was the hot favourite having had a better than average season kicking in club matches. But there is always a wild card, someone not known for his kicking skills, who appears out of nowhere to take the trophy. This year Chris Harber pushed Rhys all the way and it all boiled down to a tricky kick from the right on the 10 metre line. Harber lands his kick with some aplomb and all Rhys has to do is land it to go into the dreaded drop kick shoot out. Clearly the pressure told as he shanked his kick wide. So .......................

2022 Winner - CHRIS HARBER