Thu 30 Jul 2020 11:42

The much delayed Kicking Cup for 2020 finally took place! Current holder Sam Watkins was unable to defend his title so the door was open for a 'new' holder. Former winners Rhys Stewart, Matt Margot and Chris Walker were all in attendance but the warm up kicks suggested a dark horse might win. Geoff O'Brien looked very good in practice and so did Luke Barefoot.

After the first round of simple kicks , only 4 made it into the second round - Chris Harber, Matt Margot, Geoff O'Brien and Luke Barefoot. The more difficult kicks from the 10 metre line proved decisive. Matt's long effort just drifted away - he claimed the wind spoilt this attempt!

After this second round, we had a clear winner and a new name to go on the trophy!

Congratulations to Luke Barefoot seeing off the opposition to claim the title!

Players in attendance: Chris Harber, Rhys Thomas, Luke Jellicoe, Eric Murray, Matt Margot, Freddie Rand, Will Jellicoe, Olly Jarrett, Harry Stubbs, Neil Evans, Rhys Stewart, Alex Webb, Chris Wiseman, Tom Jarrett, Chris Walker, Geoff O'Brien, Joe Kennington, Andy Carson, Luke Barefoot