Opposition: Henley III’s
Competition: League
Venue: Away (RG9 2JA)
Kick-off: 14:30
Meet time direct: 13:00
Meet time club: 12:30
Players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to the tour fund
Dress: No 1s
Carried item: Chomp

Will sort the lineup when we get there:

1. Neil Evans
2. Matthew Margot
3. Will Jellicoe
4. Ollie Homan-Green
5. Tom Birch (Second Half)
6. Tom Fisher
7. Slav
8. Gwyn Robins
9. Luke Barefoot
10. Alex Webb
11. Tom Overend
12. Arun Luis
13. Luke Jellicoe
14. Kier Robinson