Opposition: Reading III’s
Competition: League
Venue: Away
Kick-off: 13:30
Meet time direct: 12:00
No meet time at the club as they are just over the road, everyone go directly to Reading RFC.
Players that arrive later than the meet time will be asked to donate £5 to the tour fund
Dress: No 1s
Carried item: Something to (finally) honour Neil’s 500th cap – what you bring is up to you!

1. Eric Murray
2. Geoff O'Brien
3. Will Jellicoe
4. Neil Evans (500th Club Game!)
5. Olly Jarrett
6. Ollie Homan-Green
7. Tom Jarrett
8. Matthew Margot
9. Darren Choules
10. Tom Gough
11. Harry Stubbs
12. Stephane Margot
13. Dom Boakes
14. Jotham Kennington
15. Alex Webb

16. Chris Harber
17. Andy Carson
18. Rhys Stewart
19. Sam Watkins
20. Chris Merrick